The “Nah” Game

Story-telling isn’t something Emerson has learned from her dad. I’m a horrible story teller when it comes to saying things aloud. I just can’t deliver.

But we certainly have a daughter who can. She’ll entertain mom and dad on our way to and from school with stories of her fictitious cat “Treasure” (the Palace Pet cat of Ariel from Little Mermaid) and “Diego” (Dora the Explorer’s cousin). They’ll be nervous or scared and superhero Emerson will come to the rescue, often with a lasso to ward off the foxes.

The stories are amazing and I’m sure Jess has recorded plenty of them on her phone. One of my favorites of recent was a story about a huge hole in a mountain. I inquired to Emerson as to what could have caused such a hole…?

Dad:  Was it a lion?

E.K.:  Nah.

Dad:  Was it a bear?

E.K.:  Nah.

Dad:  Was it a whale?

E.K.:  Nah.

And so on. For about 10 minutes. Until I couldn’t think of any more animals, real or imaginary. The whole time, we just laugh at every “nah”. It’s truly a fun time playing the “nah” game.

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