Pasta Fingers

Tonight we had a meltdown. Tonight we had pasta.

Emerson is kind of a grizzly bear when she’s hungry. And that’s okay as long as we know how to fix it. We do a lot of cooking at home with Hello Fresh, but we skipped this week with the holidays. So it’s takeout and delivery. Considering how cold it is, I’m okay with that. Fixing the bear inside was nigh upon us last night. It was a rush.

So we ordered Cane Rosso, a Horn favorite. And the fastest “your order will be ready” place ever.

The honey bastard pizza is likely the best pizza you’ve ever tasted if you’re into spicy cut with sweet. Then the focaccia with marinara sauce as EKH’s best friend Olivia demands. Those were must-orders. To top it off, as Emerson is screaming about wanting more “screen time”, we appeased the grizzly within by promising spaghetti.

And when mom came home with our culinary masterpiece, we got the wrong order. Rigatoni with garlic butter sauce replaced our long, stringy noodles.

And this happened.

A happy Emerson emerged. And repeated in the morning.

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