Hello, Veer

We sold the stroller.  When you have the longest, skinniest little girl on the planet, you outgrow things quickly.  Actually I think she’s in the 75% in height and 25% in weight, so forgive the hyperbole.  But she’s definitely hit yet another growth spurt.

Naps have always been difficult.  Lately even more so.  And with her sleeping in her stroller on long walks through the neighborhood better than almost anywhere else, having a scrunched up E.K. and no room for her teddy bear just didn’t seem fair.

Most people opt for the foldup Academy cart or the famous red wagon, but not this family.  In true form, we bought the fanciest wagon possible.  Enter the Veer.

This thing is awesome!  And so far it’s a head-turner.  I’d say we’ve been stopped by at least one person every time we’ve gone anywhere.  It’s pricey as all get-out but seemingly worth it thus far.  Fits two kiddos, has cup-holders for the Yetis, even has an optional basket that we’ve recently acquired.

It’s the best upgrade you never knew you needed.

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