FW Stockyards

Ever been?

Cow Town is what they call Fort Worth. Or something to do with a Panther, but that’s not for us to bother.

The Horn family had some visitors. Welcomed visitors indeed. The Moores (in-laws) came to town. And we wanted to try something new, so we thought the Stockyards might be a gas.

Driving into downtown FW isn’t anything new, but when Google Maps suggested a northern route out of the main part of downtown, I knew I wasn’t so sure where the Stockyards was.

We followed the AI voice and headed up north from downtown FW. It became evident we’d found our way.

The FW Stockyards boast a train ride, shops, petting zoo, maze, and enough bars to satisfy the thirstiest of men.

The train was our penultimate goal. All others were gravy. So we enjoyed the pony rides (well maybe E.K. was the only pony-rider), and we walked around waiting for our ticket to be punched.

Choo Choo, our train pulled into the station.  Unfortunately the train posted a sign that suggested no one else would journey along. Yes, the only reason we’d jaunted to the FW Stockyards had been cancelled. Bummer.

Oh, wait. E.K. and I might have had a blast feeding the goats, sheep, llama and others in the petting zoo.  Or at least – dad had a blast.

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