Three Years… Four Months Too Late

We’ve had a big discussion at Horn Cotton Tales as to when you can post blogs.  Or blog post.  I’m not quite sure the etiquette either way. Point in question is whether you backdate posts to act as if you’ve written them that day (which I do often) or fess up to your laziness and post a whole bunch in one day (which Jess insists on).

So I sit here and post a blog at least four months in retrospect (you can see who won that discussion), hoping I can conjure up what I wanted to post back then.

E.K. turned 3.  What a sweet age.  “Threenager”.  Who wouldn’t want that?

But she’s progressed so much. This age is incredibly fun.  She has a very opinionated view of her world (not yours). All things fall within two categories:  1) I like this, 2) You’re wrong.

In the same dissertation, we’ve suggested one option, another, and then reversed them. For instance, “do you want a blackberry snack or a peanut butter pretzel snack?” Perhaps in this moment she’s watching TV or otherwise distracted.  We’ll always…ALWAYS… get the last answer regurgitated to us. “I want peanut butter pretzels.”

If you ask her in the reverse… Yep, she picks the last thing she heard.  “I want blackberries.”

We’ve tested her time and time again and found that if she really cares about the decision, then she’ll pick.  Otherwise, as she’s indifferent about the decision, she’ll just repeat the last thing you said.

I’ve been asking a lot of questions that end in, “do you want to do chores (hard labor) or do you want to clean your room?”

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