Father’s Day 2018

Any idiot can become a father. This mantra has always been my bailiwick. We’re 99.9% granted by God’s given right to reproduce. Most of us are unworthy of reproduction, but we all still do it.

So Father’s Day hasn’t ever really meant a lot to me in the grandeur sense of the term. But my father was special. Loved that man, as I’ve noted many a time here. And he’s taught me a lot.

Funny thing about losing a father and then marrying someone is that you gain another.  Jess’s dad is a gruff, quietly loud man. He’s complicated, in my opinion, however I imagine he says he’s simple. Sounds like a dad I also had. We’re all lucky to have our dad’s, flawed or not. And today is a day we should honor those who deserve it.

So E.K. honored me by waking up in THE WORST MOOD EVER. It was awesome. Jess made a fantastic breakfast and we were so busy with it we missed church. But that meant Dad got to pick what we did instead. Zoo.

We’ll add this zoo experience to the annals of zoology.  The chimpanzees were going ape sh– (yep, that’s right), when the littlest chimp got all the way to the top of the 30 foot tree before its elders.  You should’ve heard them! Amazing. Rivaling the lion’s roar in FW.

Our zoo-ing ended with some splashing in E.K.’s new swimsuit and a drive to Dad’s favorite restaurant.

Got home. Hmmm… Maybe we should replace the 13′ x 3′ x 1′ dead grass driveway with some decomposed granite. Great idea! I always do my best home improvement in the 100 degree heat.

It was my idea and I went with it. And you know what, happy Father’s Day to me. It looks awesome.

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