The Summer of Threes

It’s been a summer full of triple digit heat.  As Emerson is now three and a half, life has been pretty fun.  “Threenager” is still a thing, but she’s been a great kid all in all.

This morning, we woke up and measured our little opinionated daughter.  Thirty-nine inches tall – 3′ 3″.  She weighs 33 lbs and demanded some chicken pot pie.  We acquiesced.

During our lunch, Emerson stated another opinion when Jess asked her what she wanted to do with the afternoon.  “The zoo,” Emerson whispered softly.

With the incredible heat and Dad’s ability to soak through a shirt, Jess didn’t think we’d be making that trek. Maybe it was heat exhaustion from the YMCA the day before, but again, we acquiesced.

And it paid off.  I had a very proud Dad-moment.

Kona ice is a requirement when we go to the Zoo.  Not for me.  Not for Jess.  Emerson needs cherry, strawberry or cotton candy flavored shaved ice. Like right now.

We wandered to the Kona Ice truck, which is stationed across from an animal encounter exhibit. There, a monitor lizard was being carried around by a zookeeper spouting off various facts about the lizard. And, as Emerson was devouring the frozen water flavored with red syrup, the zookeeper said, “This lizard is a cousin to the biggest lizard in the world.  Does anyone know what that is?”

My eyes lit up as I patted E.K. on the head. I knew she had her dad’s know-it-all attitude shining through. She volunteered, “the Komodo dragon!” Nailed it.

And, funny enough, the Dallas Zoo actually has a herpetarium. We’ve gone to the Zoo dozens of times this year (probably) and had never been inside it. Sure enough, there is a Komodo dragon there. He was hiding under a rock with his giant head sticking out. Emerson was thrilled. Though, don’t show her snakes. She’s out on snakes.

I think we were at the Zoo for three hours in total.  Two more than normal. But, for the first time in my thirty-seven years of life, I saw a Komodo dragon in person.

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