Family Vacation 2018

When you’re working stiffs like us, you get 2 weeks vacation a year. As you grow in your profession, you get 3. Max 4. But in the banking world, you HAVE to take 5 consecutive workdays off in a row. It’s a money-laundering checks-and-balances thing. Antiquated, like most things in banking, but we abide.

So Jess, EK and I all left the Big D to the Farm. Oh, how EK loves the Farm.

Unfortunately, EK’s great grandfather was in the hospital after an apparent stroke, which was only weeks after a carbon monoxide episode, so the visit wasn’t all fun. Lots of tending to family.

But EK still loved her time at the farm. The “bun-bun” is always her favorite. Her newest name for her grandfather is now “Pappy”, and he takes her for rides on his side-by-side all over the 40-acres.

G.G. has been shortened to “Geeg” and it’s the sweetest thing ever. EK loves the Farm. The highlights from the visit might have been the Po Boy Express (author’s opinion) because it’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed Cajun food.

Another highlight is likely the visit with Jess’s longtime childhood friend, Lillie. She and her two kids and husband hosted us for an afternoon catchup. EK enjoyed her time with her two buds, Jameson and Garrison.

The ride back felt short. EK slept the ENTIRE way. So, while her parents were exhausted, she was well rested upon our return to Dallas.

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