Her First Flight

It started with an episode of Super Wings. The show with, quite literally, the worst opening song of all time. And with 12 minute episodes, those humans monitoring their tinier humans get to hear it 4 times an hour. Worse than any radio station could do to you.

Anyhow. There’s an episode with three children in a foreign land that order a package to fly a box of sorts. The order includes a pilot hat and goggles. Maybe you remember the old-timy brown ear-covers with matching goggles?

So this was months before EK’s first flight. But we (I) decided we should keep it a secret until the big flight.


As we approached the days to LUV to MSY, we started to hint at the fun she’d have. EK is a thrill-seeker in her DNA (not an airport code), but I was nervous about her ears hurting. Keeping her busy was high upon my list. Name all things that go wrong with a child in flight… these are all the things I’ve been worrying that she’d do. Kicking the seat in front of her, screaming about being bored, ears… you name it.

Some fun hat/goggle combination might deter such behavior. So two days before, the big reveal. Wah-wah. Nothing. Not impressed. Waited too late.

Fast forward to the event. First flight. It was a mad-dash to the gate. We’d woken up in time, if 3:45 AM is a time at all. Red eye flight to save some money.

Dad miscalculated the time it’d take to drive and check in. Apparently lots of people enjoy 6:05 AM flights. And checking bags, not being Pre-TSA fancy people, and a stroller all add time to the trip.

Literally sprinting to the gate as we hear the loud speaker announce we were 4 minutes away from missing our flight. Panic and sweat.

EK sat in the middle seat. The excitement of a child’s first experience is nothing short of joy for a parent. And we got that. Joy.

Nothing scared her. Nothing scarred her. We ate some pretzels and enjoyed the fields below. Fun times were just starting.

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