Snowballs in August

Texas. It’s the greatest state according to all Texans. And, as a Panhandler, I agree.

But we name certain things. Tiny lakes are called “playas”, for example.

And there are two acceptable versions of iced-treats:  Hawaii shaved ice, snow cones.

This whole Louisianan “snowball” name seems silly.  Of course, growing up in Lubbock and treating myself to dill pickle juice snow cones at the ballpark didn’t seem unusual.  And the Hawaii shaved ice place called Bahama Bucks ruled our worlds.

My brain didn’t have enough room to add in “snowball” to the vernacular.  But on the Horn Family Vacation 2018, we learned it quickly.  EK LOVES these things.  Mostly “pink” or “red” flavors (pet peeve – it’s a color not a flavor}, Emerson had one of these at least once a day. Sadly, often twice.

Hey, you’re on vacation.  You break rules.  And as we discussed this rule-breaking trip, we received this image to forever commemorate the snowball greatness…

And we will always remember the snowball original “SnoBall” since 1936.

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