What Happened to the Blog?

Life happened. It feels like 100 years since we’ve put anything on here. Our church home today mentioned a blog journey of a sweet couple that had a horrible diagnosis, but kept faith throughout as they continue along. Can’t imagine something like that. The story of their journey was strong.

It made me think, as a coworker has also made me think last week, that we can’t let life get in the way of something that might mean the world in a few years or be a throw away. But the squeeze is worth the juice, as it’s said.

So, our beautiful, kind little girl is happy and healthy. She looks like this now….

Yep. Long time.

Today, we picked her up in our normal spot from the middle-meeting place from SHV to DAL. One of the memories I’ll never forget is a recent time we did that. She ran to me and as I grabbed her up in my arms and held her tight, she overflowed with emotion and started to cry. She said, “I don’t know why I’m starting to cry…” And that moment was possibly the most proud dad moment of my life. We did this right.

Today, we were basically in the same spot. Same situation. It’d been a week of her with family in LA. We exit the car. She comes running. And Jess totally steps in front and grabs her first. Ugh. Always trying to steal my thunder. Haha.

Always grateful for the family we have; be it they’re far away. Always grateful for EK coming home after these vacations. Today was a wonderful day of having her back, loving our family and being home.