Piano Tuning

What a wonderful gift from EK’s great grandmother, Nana (“Nay-Nay”). We now have a piano that is settled (apparently you need at least two weeks to “settle” before tuning a moved piano). So excited to practice on this gift.

Eight years ago, at least, I was granted access into the Moore family for a Thanksgiving celebration. Something I will never forget.

As the story goes, Nana has always blessed the food. Something important to the family, for sure. And this particular blessing ended something like, “bless those who are here with us.” She might have forgotten all the family members who weren’t able to be there in the blessing, and one of the cousins definitely called her out. Eight years and we still all laugh about it to this day. Family is important.

Back to the piano – it sat next to the “adult table” and we, even though I think I was 32 or 33 at the time, sat at the “kids table”. Family is also funny.

In the end, we will be excellent stewards of the piano. Provide EK with lessons and keep care of it. Thank you, Nana, for this amazing gift of music. It will dawn our home with beautiful music until it’s time for the next family members to take it.