Dallas Zoo Camp Pick-Up

“Wrapped around her pinky.”

Heard it before from various folks describing EK and her relationship with me. I think people see how sweet she is and know that any dad would be that way too. So that being said, as if it wasn’t obvious if you have read 99% of the things Jess and I post…

Dad, or “dad-bear”, was on pick-up duty from the Dallas Zoo Camp, and she came scampering, downright sprinting up to tell me that the face paint lady was there and that the Kona Ice truck was open too. I pause thinking, “I’d assumed she was here everyday”.

I was reluctant that this idea was a once-in-a-lifetime chance considering half the time we go to the zoo the Kona Ice truck is open. Also because it was a Wednesday, and I didn’t want her to think the next two pick-ups, which Jess actually did, would result in one or both of these things. Can’t have your child hopped up on sugar all the time (even though I’m sure we were as kids) and face paint isn’t great for the skin, I would assume. Definitely harder to get off at bath time.

But like I said before. Wrapped around her pinky…

Our violet tiger. For the record. She didn’t get Kona Ice.