Who Wants to Dance the Flamenco?

The backstory…

Jessica, when she was younger, found a Halloween costume in a magazine or some other form of media from the early 90’s. But her grandmother, Nana, has a talent for sewing some amazing things. Dresses, costumes, etc. So she put this skill to work and created a work of art.

And these items have stood the test of time. EK wears some of these hand-me-downs to this day.

There’s certainly a resurgence of seamstresses (or seamsters) in the world; fashion on the grass roots level. Maybe that’s EK’s future, but who knows. She had a blacklight flashlight out this morning at her grandparents house search for stains from the cats, so maybe she’ll be a forensic investigator. We love watching this little bear grow up.

And there’s Pappy, too.

We honor and take care of the creations you’ve made over the years. Thank you, Nana, for all that you’ve provided to this family.