“Tedds” – A Journeyer of a Bear

The three of us went to Austin long ago, maybe when EK was 2 and a half, to visit some friends. In fact, one of those friends would be the reason Jessica and I are married today – Ashton. So, Ashton and Scott (or as I refer to him as “Dr. Scott”), were gracious enough to host us into their home.

They introduced us to Nespresso, which we now drink fairly exclusively at home today. Thank you for that, Ashton (not to mention making Jess give me her number, eventually getting married, and then having an amazing daughter who I’d walk on the sun for…). But Nespresso is pretty darn good too.

In addition to the Nespresso, we were treated to the special, meticulous barbecuing of Dr. Scott on his Traeger Grill(s). And yes, I’m still jealous of all his gadgets as we sat and watched his alma mater on TV instead of manning the grill the entire time. Pretty neat.

But the most important part of that trip was that EK received her most prized possession of all. Teddy.

As the time has passed, we have had Teddy or “Tedds” for 4 years. And EK has slept without Tedds 1 time since then. Truly a special gift from someone who connected not only husband and wife, but now daughter and bear.

And Tedds has been tons of places. Colorado twice, New Orleans twice, San Miguel, Mexico, camping, and a myriad of other destinations as we always have the travel bug.

As we dropped off EK to Grand Cane, LA this weekend, Tedds forgot to pack himself into the suitcase! And yes, complete meltdown when I asked EK if Tedds made the trip realizing he’d been left asunder.

Today, my job is to let Tedds, yet again, be a journeyer; he’ll be shipped overnight to Grand Cane, LA. Safe travels, Tedds. Go make our little bear happy again.