Moving up to Chapter Books

I’m not sure I knew what “chapter books” were as a kid. I don’t know if that’s a new term or just something my very naive younger self was unaware of at the time. Trying to figure out if that was the term in the late 80’s in TX or LA or not… would love to research that.

Either way, it’s the term today. You sit and read a few chapters then read the next part of the story the next time you open the book on a different day (in our family, that’s daily). But the story continues over days and not just one night. Makes sense. Chapter books.

Before the last few months, it was always the full book each night. Simple books as she learns. As EK matures, so does her sophistication in reading. It made me reminisce on my own education.

My first chapter book, I’m fairly sure, was either one of the “choose your own adventure” books during the book fairs at our school or, almost definitely, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The spider on the face story stick with me forever.

The librarian at Honey Elementary was one of my best friend’s mom, so I was in good hands at the book fairs.

We’ve focused on reading with EK since she was very young. There’s a theory of 10,000 hours of pretty much anything that will make you an expert. Want to be great at ping pong? Practice 10,000 hours. Tuba? 10,000 hours. Not sure who came up with that idea, honestly, but it’s really about dedication. EK is a great reader. I have no idea how many hours she’s spent reading, but 10,000 hours is 416+ days. As a 6.5 year old, I’m going to guess we haven’t been that rough on her. Yet.

Luckily, we’ve also found some church friends that are the same when it comes to advancing the kids to chapter books, and we’ve traded books lately. The Princess in Black and Dory Fantasmagory have been favorites. And maybe a myriad of other books. 10,000 hours.

We love to watch EK see words. “Sight words”, as they’re called these days. It’s impressive. Kids learn very differently now than when we did as children, too.

Jess and I have always thought giving a book versus a toy at a birthday celebration just made sense. So we’ll add a few extras in the basket (Jess should have a patent on her birthday gift baskets), but we always include a book. These days we’re upgrading to chapter books. Fun witnessing all our little ones grow up and learning the lessons from our parents, aunts & uncles, grandparents, etc. Reflect and never take it for granted. Teach, but never forget to be taught.