Another First: American Girl

I remember the first time Jess and I discussed the American Girl store together for some strange reason, which was maybe a year before EK was born. We had gone to the Galleria, maybe just driven by it, and there was a line out the door to get in. I just assumed it was a clothing store à la Janie & Jack or something. Jess educated me that they sell high-quality dolls with all sorts of accessories. Real clothing made for dolls and I was baffled about the popularity, and my naivety of what this American Girl longevity truly was.


Fast forward in time to EK being maybe 2 or 3, and we go to Nana’s house and, sure enough, there’s an American Girl doll there. Samantha is her name, if I recall correctly, and she’s having her 35th anniversary with American Girl. Into perpetuity.

EK’s reward for this summer’s reading plan was a trip to this magical doll palace at the Galleria. EK read two books a day (give or take) all summer break. Special thank you to cousin Shelby for sending us dozens of chapter books to fuel that fire as that was an amazing gift…

Jess and I had no clue what to expect walking through the doors. She had never been to an actual American Girl store either (though she was far more educated than I on the subject).

We started to the right of the front entrance and meticulously and methodically walked through the store once. Watching in wonderment as our darling girl took in the experience. “Ooh, look at that one,” would escape her mouth at every turn.

We made a single pass, and then we asked if we could start over to make sure she found the one she wanted.

We traversed our course once more, mostly. We discussed several of the dolls, but EK eventually decided on Kira, who was the “girl of the year for 2021”. Australian descent, so of course we brought home a kangaroo or wallaby. That question is still in the air. Kira is apparently some sort of veterinarian or zoologist, based on the accessory pack we also bought.

It was a worthy reward (though expensive) for her summer days reading.