Jessica M. Horn


The brains and the beauty behind the blog. Jessica is the driving creative force, the picture-taker (though she called it “photographer”), chief critiquer, and occasional writer. She’s the one with the vision here and the one carrying Emerson Kate along the way, so I just do as she says.


Lee Horn II

The writeographer. I just put words to the pictures, tell the stories in my own way, and edit the other writing Jessica does. I’m the pack mule.


Georgia Ann

The panther of this motley crew who will be missed always. She was always on the prowl, always the boss, and always yelling. She demanded food to be provided at her will. Georgia didn’t tolerate dad picking her up and will cut you if you think otherwise. Let this be known.


Millie “Millie-andra”

That lazy ball of fur is our little Mills. Hard to tell from the picture but her head is upside down and on the right. She’s the sass, the priss. There’s not a more pitiful meow on this planet. She misses her sister but will remain our only creature for a while, unless you count this next one…

Emerson Kate Horn


She’s the whole point of all of this. Sometimes called “Blue Eyes”. Sometimes referred to as “Smiley”. Often called “Munchkin Face” (by her dad only). Most of the times deemed “___ Monster” depending on what she’s doing, e.g. Drool Monster. But we’ll keep her.